Allison and I met years ago when we were both young college students serving students from a traveling day camp called Winshape Camps! We stayed friends all throughout college and when she texted me one day saying she was looking for a photographer for her wedding, I was over the moon excited for her and Caleb. Within weeks we were in the woods photographing their engagement session when I got the text that she wanted to move her wedding date up because of a career opportunity. I was on board and so excited that they were getting married sooner and I could tell from the beginning that their wedding day was going to be much more than the beautiful details, and let me tell you they were BEAUTIFUL details! Their wedding day however, was more focused on the love they shared and the life they were going to build together. Allison looked worried when the rain began to come down in the backyard of her parents newly built home that they were using as their wedding venue. They had a backup plan to bring the wedding indoors if needed, but no bride who wants a outdoor wedding is happy about a backup plan. So within minutes of the ceremony beginning the rain stopped, the clouds moved and the sun shined the brightest it had been all day. I was literally in shock at how the day unfolded. Let me tell you that this was one of my favorite weddings. Not only did I cry seeing one of my very own bridesmaids marrying the love of her life, but seeing two families become one in a wedding much like my own. Like Allison, my wedding was in my families backyard with a wooden cross and contained a foot washing and seeing those same elements shared between them reminded me of the covenant of my own marriage and truly made my heart so happy. I was so honored to be a part of their day and I cannot wait to watch their life unfold.